Saving Mothers and Children

Sinai lives in rural Cambodia. To reach her village, one must travel long hours over rutted roads. At 25 years old, she is the mother of 3 children. Her daughter, Sinoeun, is nine years old. Sinoeun’s younger brother is six years old. The youngest of the family, little Ploysai, is only 16 months old.

Her whole family suffered from frequent stomach aches and diarrhea, and she couldn’t understand why. Unbeknownst to Sinai, her family’s illnesses were closely linked to their water source. Sinai walked half a kilometre, two to three times a day, to fetch the water her household needed. She carried the water on her shoulders, brought it home, and boiled it. However, boiling the water wasn’t enough to purify it.

To complicate matters, Sinai’s family did not have access to proper sanitation. Their “washroom” was wherever they could find a private enough place outside.

When Sinai heard about ADRA’s project in her community, she wanted to join. “I was worried about my children, and I felt that this project would help me help them,” she said. Part of ADRA’s project is teaching community members about proper sanitation. Sinai has learned the links between her family’s health and the quality of water they drink, where they go to the washroom, and washing their hands afterwards.

ADRA’s project doesn’t stop at showing the links between health, clean water, and sanitation, but continues by empowering the community to put their learning into practice. Sinai’s family received a water filter to purify their water and a latrine. Sinai and her family no longer suffer from stomach aches or diarrhea.

“This project has truly helped my family a lot,” Sinai said. Her smile of gratitude is not meant for ADRA alone. It shines also on you, our supporters, who enable this life-changing work to happen. Thank you!


Story by Heather Grbic, Church Relations Coordinator, ADRA Canada