Staying in the Village

Naw Eh Mwee is a member of the Karen ethnic group, living in the Kayin State (formerly Karen State) of Myanmar.  Like many young people in Kayin State, Naw Eh Mwee went to Thailand to find work so that she could send money home to [...]


Broadcasting EMBRACE

Broadcasting EMBRACE A radio station in Cambodia, broadcasting an EMBRACE program to the community. “I am too busy working to join the group!” As ADRA Cambodia staff were doing surveys and baseline assessments for the launch of the EMBRACE project in the [...]



From a Stretcher to an Ambulance Boniface used to drive trucks. This experience, driving large vehicles over mountainous terrain and rutted roads, serves him well now. Today, Boniface drives the ambulance donated by ADRA Canada, in partnership with ADRA Rwanda and the Canadian government, through [...]



Liberata Liberata and her family live in Rwanda. For the last 22 years, her country has been slowly recovering from a horrific genocide that took the lives of over one million people.  While the country has made a remarkable recovery, poverty is still a major [...]


Better Nutrition in Cambodia

Better Nutrition in Cambodia One of our our current programs in Cambodia that we are implementing in Partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, is improving nutrition for 4800 households. That’s approximately 21,600 household members, of which 10,800 are females. We’re particularly focusing on women of [...]


Fighting Malnutrition

Fighting Malnutrition In the Bato area of Leyte province in the Philippines, children under two years old are at risk of acute or chronic malnutrition.  The effects of malnutrition are irreversible.  Children who do not receive proper nutrition in these crucial formative years will [...]


The Life of a ‘Single’ Father

The Life of a 'Single' Father By Sharmilla Reid It is a familiar story in the Philippines.  When parents cannot earn enough in their local community to support their family, one or both of them must leave their children behind to find a job.  Often a [...]


Cooking for Health

Cooking for Health Bet is a 22-year-old mother of one, living in a remote northern region of Cambodia. She and her husband moved to this part of Cambodia about a year ago to have a house close to the road. Bet’s husband is a small [...]



When most of us think of the word WASH, we think of the act of washing, of making things clean by using water and soap to remove dirt. When the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) uses the term WASH, we are speaking of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.