The Message

The MessageADRA Canada's EMBRACE Project is designed to improve the lives and Health of mothers and young children in remote regions of our world. In 2016, EMBRACE began working with the Karen ethnic group in the Kayin State of Myanmar. The participants in the project are [...]


The Amazing Race

  Be a part of the Amazing Race – MNCH Edition. Help raise awareness of global maternal and child health issues. There are only few days left to register! This fun event is free and will be held on September 9th at 3:00 pm in downtown [...]


Staying in the Village

Naw Eh Mwee is a member of the Karen ethnic group, living in the Kayin State (formerly Karen State) of Myanmar.  Like many young people in Kayin State, Naw Eh Mwee went to Thailand to find work so that she could send money home to [...]


Broadcasting EMBRACE

Broadcasting EMBRACE A radio station in Cambodia, broadcasting an EMBRACE program to the community. “I am too busy working to join the group!” As ADRA Cambodia staff were doing surveys and baseline assessments for the launch of the EMBRACE project in the [...]


Measuring Child Growth

Measuring Child Growth ADRA Canada’s EMBRACE project is working to reduce stunting in young children by supporting local health departments in rural areas to monitor the growth of the children. ADRA provides training, materials and equipment, to take accurate measurements and keep good records of [...]


Organic Kitchen Gardens

Organic Kitchen GardensThe EMBRACE Project of ADRA Canada is helping families living in remote regions grow nutritious greens and vegetables right next to their homes in organic kitchen gardens. More Videos


Reflect Circle Groups

Reflect Circle GroupsThe EMBRACE Project is enhancing the lives of mothers in Rwanda, Myanmar, the Philippines and Cambodia. One approach that has proven to be very valuable is called “Reflect Circle Groups”. Local village facilitators, trained by ADRA, lead out in group discussions that focus on [...]


Promoting Prenatal Visits

Promoting Prenatal VisitsThrough the EMBRACE project, ADRA Canada, in partnership with Global Affairs Canada, is bringing important health messages to women of reproductive age, living in remote regions of Rwanda, Myanmar, Cambodia and the Philippines. A big emphasis of the program is to communicate the importance [...]


A New Ambulance from Canada

A New Ambulance from CanadaJeannine lives in a remote community high in the hills of rural Rwanda. In giving birth to her baby she ran into complications and needed the specialized care of a well-equipped hospital. Thanks to a new ambulance from Canada, Jeannine and her [...]


Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play The EMBRACE project is teaching parents the importance of creating environments and developing daily activities that enhance early childhood development. Caregivers and parents, especially fathers, are encouraged to spend quality time with their young children in play activities that are designed [...]