Reproductive Health in Cambodia

ADRA is taking the key messages of EMBRACE to grade 9 students in Cambodia. In this video, hear how one educator tells how the students who take this class are much better prepared for life. More Videos


Savings and Small Loans

Almost two billion people in the world remain "unbanked". The ADRA EMBRACE project encourages participants to start a small savings and loans groups in their village. The new finance systems that are being established in remote communities are creating a new sense of financial security ... read more


Halfway Homes

In the Philippines, many women living in remote island communities face a very difficult journey to get to a birthing clinic. If the weather is bad, the trip is difficult and dangerous for a woman in labor. To encourage women to go in for "facility-based ... read more


Birthing Clinics in Myanmar

The ADRA EMBRACE project is changing the way women think about what they need to do to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. One way is through the building and equipping of birthing clinics in rural communities in Myanmar. More Videos ... read more


A Child Friendly Village

The ADRA EMBRACE project in Cambodia keeps a good record of how the EMBRACE members of a village are following the key messages that are taught. Communities that are able to reach a high level of adoption are designated as a "Child Friendly Village". Discover what ... read more


Small Group Education

The First 1000 Days of Life The ADRA EMBRACE project is teaching important messages on health, sanitation, nutrition to rural villagers in Cambodia by using a method of small group education. People who have had very limited access to formal education, are learning important new ... read more

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